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We teach and test things most students have no interest in and will never need, and facts that they can Google and will forget as soon as the test is over. Because of this, the longer kids are in school, the less motivated they become… We need to focus more on teaching the skill and will to learn, and to make a difference.. and bring the three most powerful ingredients of intrinsic motivation into the classroom: play, passion and purpose.

Tony Wagner (via fuckyeahradicaled)

The question is: how? Can media devices make the difference?


★ Happy Birthday for my sweetest Ana-chan◕ ω  



One of the best ending moments in a movie.

this film is my life 

Hey on that Psycho Pass artbook post - do you have any info on it besides the scans? Where they came from etc. im trying to see if I can buy it here in Japan.. thanks! c:

Hi! Unfortunally not, I don’t know the name of the book and where you can buy it…even though I’ve just found out that on ebay there is an artbook, but it’s likely that it is referred to the anime (in fact the title is: “PSYCHO‐PASS OFFICIAL PROFILING ANIME ART BOOK ”). This  is my opinion, maybe that scans are really from that book (also because I haven’t found any other artbook).

I’m sorry, I couldn’t really help you :(


What I feel about Tougane Sakuya in episode 2…. I swear I’ve drawn something like this before . …

I have conflicting feelings right now — I don’t know what to think or believe _(:3」∠)_


 I was wondering why Kougami was naked in front of Akane (again??) for some reason  and why he was moving around and sitting around so much even though he’s in pain and holding onto his wound……

I can’t stop constantly narrating my own life. At that very moment, I feared I had divulged too much.


We’ve always been known as Turk and JD. Like, when we were in college, people would be like: when are Turk and JD getting here? And then at med school, everyone was like: when are Turk and JD getting here? The point is, we were together so much this Indian girl only slept with him because she thought his last name was Anjadi.